Friday, September 18, 2009

About Me and this Blog

Hello everyone,
My name is Campbell.... originally from Virginia, I have come to call Colorado my home after coming out here for college. I recently moved from the great town of Boulder to a small place outside of Aspen called Basalt where I hope to find the deep snow and the mountains a bit more accessible during the winter season. I have always considered myself quite opinionated and after some recent recommendations from a few close friends I have decided to create this blog. At age 22, I have too many thoughts and opinions floating around in my head that I just can't keep to myself anymore! These thoughts and opinions will regard what I consider the more enjoyable things in life, which lift my spirits during even the toughest times....which brings me to what you will find in this blog:

1. Music - My passion since very early on in life... my taste for music is always changing as I search for the greatest bands to listen to or see live, or both. I will discuss anything from great new releases to recent shows to newly discovered bands which I believe everyone should know about.
2. Food - My second passion... I will post reviews on places I eat throughout Colorado (great for those vacationers!) and anywhere else I happen to stop through. I will also discuss great new food products and goodies I come across.
3. Drink...mostly microbrews and delicious Belgian beers though I may find a cool wine from time to time.
4. Colorado and other great places in the west..As I travel around the west for the next few years, I want to share new places I find so others may think to stop and check them out (or even plan a trip to see that place).
5. on great outdoor gear and products to get you through life.

I know this covers a lot of ground but I hope that anyone can find something of interest in my posts (I mean who does not like food..) ...
Anyways, that about covers it and I hope you all enjoy...

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