Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I and Love and You

"I and Love and You", the latest studio release from The Avett Brothers came out today. If you have not listened to these guys before, go out and buy this album (either way get this album to support these amazing musicians)!! Every one of their previous albums has been a wonderful mixture of both slow, heart-warming ballads and fast paced songs filled with energy. Although I have not bought the album yet, I have listened to it on their website and it seems to be a bit heavier on the upbeat tunes with a little bit more pop sound to some of the songs. Do not get me wrong though, the songs sound great and seem to blend very well into a smooth, flowing album. Also to mention, these guys put on one of the best concerts I have seen, and if you have the chance to catch a show anytime in the future, do not miss out!

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