Sunday, October 4, 2009

Basalt to Steamboat

This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity of joining a couple of my good friends in Steamboat. With the leaves changing and the wonderful weather this time of year, it is great getting to see different parts of Colorado and enjoy what each has to offer. Driving to Steamboat took me on a new route which I had never travelled in this state, CO-131. The landscape along this highway is beautiful, and different than most of its surrounding areas, with lots of small pastures amidst wide, rolling hills and not to mention aspens scattered about everywhere. For a small part of this highway there are some random, jutting rocks similar to "Finger Rock", pictured above. On Saturday, we travelled north of Steamboat, almost to Wyoming, to check out some of the Routt National Forest. This is another beautiful area of Colorado, and below is a picture of something resembling a natural concert hall located in these forests.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and my information on this part of the state. For anyone ever travelling to Steamboat, try taking CO-131 (especially if it's in the fall) for some wonderful landscape.

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