Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dr Dog @ Belly Up

Wow.. this band really surprised me on an off-season Saturday night in Aspen. Dr. Dog is one band I have been meaning to listen to for quite awhile now after reading so many great reviews and articles this past year on their most recent album, Fate. Also seeing that they once opened for My Morning Jacket, it was about time I got to check them out...
They began the set with incredible energy which lasted throughout the show and most of the songs held up the same energy with only a few slow ones thrown in here and there. Their music is something out of another decade but it definitely has a twist making it a new kind of modern rock. Their voices are timeless, often sounding like the Beatles or the Beach Boys, but the uplifting bass lines and awesome guitar riffs make the sound very unique. They also had a great stage set-up with plants surrounding the back of the stage. I look forward to listening to more of their music and highly recommend going to see them live for anyone who has the chance.

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