Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upslope Brewery

On Tuesday night, my friend Marty and I had the opportunity to attend a tasting of Upslope's complete line of beers (minus one which we had tried before) at The Blending Cellar on Pearl Street. Besides getting to taste some incredible beers, it was a unique chance learning about these beers from a couple of the head guys at the brewery. If you have not heard of Upslope, it is the newest microbrewery in Boulder and has been open for almost a year now. They currently sell only two of their beers in stores around Boulder, their pale ale and their IPA. Being such a small brewery still, they are taking their time to figure out which beer they will can next (another great thing to mention about their beer is they only come in cans!). The tasting offered their two existing beers and three new ones, all of which were entered into the Great American Beer Festival. The three new beers were a brown ale, a belgian dubbel, and a belgian pale ale. All three of these were excellent but the brown ale took the gold for me. Upslope is going to be big one day with their selection of superb brews, and if you are ever in the Denver/Boulder area take some time to visit their taproom in north Boulder or just pick up a six pack of their cans.

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